Screenplays Sold

Randall Miller – Screenplays Sold Randy Miller and his writing partner sold THE BEST WOMAN to Universal and PARENT WARS to Universal with Robert Simonds attached to produce. They sold PIRATE TOM to Fox with Larry Brezner attached to produce. Randall and Jody developed and sold a sit-com pilot called […]

Television Films

Randall Miller – Television Films Randall filled his time between the studio films he and Jody were writing and developing with directing assignments in television both in movie-for-television and episodic. Mr. Miller directed episodes of NORTHERN EXPOSURE, JACK AND JILL, POPULAR, the pilot for DEAD LAST.  Randall directed two MOWs […]

Studio Feature Films

Randall Miller – Studio Feature Films Class Act Todd Black saw the short film MARILYN HOTCHKISS BALLROOM DANCING AND CHARM SCHOOL, read some Randall and Jody’s writing and was a fan of the THIRTYSOMETHING that Randall had directed.  This “low budget” studio film budgeted at 7.5M went on to become […]

My Independent Films

Randall Miller – Independent Films MARILYN HOTCHKISS BALLROOM DANCING & CHARM SCHOOL Frustrated with the types of films he was being offered as a director, Randall and Jody wrote, produced and Randall directed a feature length version of the short film of the same name. Randall and Jody took a […]