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Class Act

Todd Black saw the short film MARILYN HOTCHKISS BALLROOM DANCING AND CHARM SCHOOL, read some Randall and Jody’s writing and was a fan of the THIRTYSOMETHING that Randall had directed.  This “low budget” studio film budgeted at 7.5M went on to become quite successful for Warners and grossed 13M theatrically.  Over the years, Randall has been approached about doing a sequel or remake.


Joe Roth and Roger Birnbaum saw the trailer for CLASS ACT and predicted its success.  Based on the buzz, they hired Randall and Jody to rewrite and Randall to direct HOUSEGUEST starring Sinbad.  Randall cast Phil Hartman in the starring role opposite Sinbad.  Randall also hired his film school cinematographer Mike Ozier to be the second unit cinematographer.  Joe Roth and Roger Birnbaum produced the film.  Halfway through production, Joe Roth was tapped by Disney Studios to take over as the head of Production.  HOUSEGUEST tested extremely well, 94% in the top two boxes and again this rather “low budgeted” studio film went onto to do quite well.  Budgeted at 10M, HOUSEGUEST made 26M theatrically. Roger Birnbaum then hired Randall and Jody to write and develop their screenplay, THE LIFT.

The Sixth Man

Off the success of HOUSEGUEST, another Disney on-the-lot producer David Hoberman hired Randall to direct the basketball sports comedy starring Marlon Wayans. Marlon and Randall forged a great relationship and made the basketball film in Vancouver BC. Jody and Randall rewrote the script, and Jody served as an Executive Producer on the film.  Randall discovered and cast Octavia Spencer who got her SAG card on that film.  Randall hired Mike Ozier, his AFI film school buddy, as the cinematographer on the film.  SIXTH MAN was a moderate success; it cost 11M and went on to make 15M theatrically.